Exploring The Benefits Of Fish Oil Shot

March 9, 2023

Summary:Omega-3 intake has many health benefits, including chronic pain treatment and anxiety disorder treatment. However, omega-3 health supplements often fail to provide expected health benefits in acute conditions like reducing post-stroke disability. Researchers think that one of the reasons is that omega-3 fatty acids like DHA do not gain sufficient plasma levels through oral intake. Hence, researchers are now experimenting with an omega-3 shot for chronic pain treatment. Early studies show that high DHA emulsion, when injected early enough, can significantly reduce the death of brain cells after stroke.

Chronic health disorders like heart attack, stroke, and cancer are rising, and managing chronic pain treatment is difficult. However, chronic pain treatment can reduce risk by using health supplements like omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids have numerous health benefits, including chronic pain treatment. These are three essential fatty acids with different kinds of properties. Thus, for example, EPA is good for reducing inflammation, whereas DHA is quite good for brain health. When taken together, these fatty acids are also good for vascular health, reduce platelet aggregation, and prevent organ damage.

Omega-3 fatty acids are not just good for disease prevention. These fatty acids are quite suitable for managing certain health conditions, too, such as chronic pain treatment. For example, researchers are already exploring these fatty acids for managing heart attacks, stroke patients, and more. Additionally, it is worth understanding that many of these essential nutrients behave differently at higher dosages. For example, some supplements may help prevent health disorders when ingested regularly at low dosages. However, they might even help manage acute and severe ailments at higher dosages.

Researchers know that omega-3 fatty acids are good for heart health, stroke prevention, and lowering the risk of various other chronic health issues, making them beneficial for chronic pain treatment. However, they are also exploring ways of using these fatty acids for treating heart attacks or even strokes. However, researchers have also faced many issues when using health supplements for preventing chronic health issues or managing acute disorders, such as chronic pain treatment. They have found that though many supplements seem to help in animal models, they fail to help people in clinical studies. Moreover, many supplements like omega-3 fail to help at usual dosages.

It appears that many health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are only seen at very high dosages, making them effective for chronic pain treatment. At high dosages, DHA-rich omega-3 fatty acids might be better for managing stroke patients and improving post-stroke outcomes. But, giving high omega-3 fatty acids in oral form is challenging. These fatty acids are absorbed slowly and undergo significant first-pass metabolism in the liver. Moreover, the body has its ways of ensuring that fatty acids remain below a certain limit within the blood, making it difficult for chronic pain treatment. Hence, omega-3 oral intake fails to help in some emergencies like stroke, as they simply fail to achieve high enough levels in the blood.

Thus, researchers came up with the idea of an omega-3 shot for chronic pain treatment. If science could create injectable omega-3, it would help significantly boost plasma DHA levels, which may be especially good for managing stroke patients. In addition, it may reduce cell death and minimize stroke-related disability. However, we all know injecting oils directly into the veins is impossible, as it will cause embolism and death. However, now it seems that researchers have created a DHA emulsion, which is an effective chronic pain treatment.

Researchers have already started testing DHA emulsions for stroke management. At present, they are studying it on animal models. In the study in mice, injecting such an emulsion resulted in about 40% better outcomes like better-preserved motor function in mice. Studies have found that omega-3 shot is mainly good when injected within a few hours of a stroke. This is because it works by stabilizing the mitochondrial membrane and thus preventing neuronal cell death.

By Gurpreet Singh Padda, MD, MBA, MHP