Can baking soda be used to treat inflammatory conditions?

Baking soda
December 2, 2020

According to a study published in the Journal of Immunology, taking a daily dose of the antacid baking soda causes the spleen to promote an anti-inflammatory environment for the body. Researchers believe that consuming sodium bicarbonate or baking soda causes rebound acidity for the next meal which in turn makes the environment of the stomach harsher for bacteria which tells the spleen not produce a protective immune response from mesothelial cells, in turn, curbing inflammation.

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Mesothelial cells are found lining the coverings of our internal organs. Not only are they a protective part of the body they also trigger inflammation through an organ called microvilli.

Another possible reason for its anti-inflammatory effect is the ability of baking soda to shift the macrophage production from M1 macrophages which promotes inflammation to M2 macrophages which are anti-inflammatory.

Going back to the mesothelial lining, it was found that these linings send out cholinergic responses similar to that found on the vagus nerve which calms down the immune response of the body.

With these early findings, researchers are optimistic that they could find other applications for baking soda even to the extent of treating autoimmune conditions.