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March 9, 2023

by admin

Exploring The Benefits Of Fish Oil Shot

Summary:Omega-3 intake has many health benefits, including chronic pain treatment and anxiety disorder treatment. However, omega-3 health supplements often fail to provide expected health benefits…

February 21, 2023

by admin

Higher Omega-3 Intake, Particularly High DHA Intake Associated With Greater Attention In Adolescents

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid. However, dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids is low globally. Among these fatty acids, DHA and ALA are especially…

January 29, 2023

by admin

New Understanding of How Serotonin Works

Summary: Serotonin is among the most abundant neurotransmitters. It is a neurotransmitter that profoundly affects behavior, causes signs of mental illness, mood, emotions, and more.…

January 28, 2023

by admin

Social Support Promotes Recovery After Spinal Cord Injury

Summary: In one of the studies, in mice, researchers made a surprise finding that social support groups may promote recovery in spinal cord injury patients.…

January 27, 2023

by admin

Researchers Find a Link Between Obesity and Stress-Related Changes in Appetite

Summary: Studies show that obese people, when exposed to stress, are more likely to choose foods high in calories, and they are also more likely…

January 25, 2023

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Researchers Think That Environmental Pollutants are a Significant Cause of Neurodegeneration

Summary: Neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s have increased significantly in the last few decades. Researchers think this rise cannot be explained solely based on…

January 6, 2023

by admin

A Secret Hunger Switch in the Brain Uncovered

Summary: It is no secret that obesity runs in families. However, some people have difficulty controlling their appetite, and they eat most of the time,…

December 14, 2022

by admin

Vitamin D Reduces the Need for Opioids in Cancer Patients

Summary: Chronic pain management and treatment in palliative care is quite challenging, like in terminally ill cancer patients. These patients often require high-dose opioids to…

November 29, 2022

by admin

What May Appear As An Overdose Death May Be Due To Intractable Pain

Summary: Overdose-related deaths are rising in the US, despite the declining use of opioids. Some health experts have suggested that many deaths are wrongly attributed…

November 19, 2022

by admin

Dietary Changes May Help Reduce Migraine Severity

Summary: Migraine is among the most difficult-to-treat headaches. Moreover, factors related to the worsening of migraine headaches differ. Many early studies have shown that higher…

October 11, 2022

by admin

Insulin Resistance May Cause Fibromyalgia

Summary: Fibromyalgia affects about 2% of the population. And at the same time, insulin resistance is also quite common. New epidemiological data suggests that those…

September 6, 2022

by admin

Researchers Find How Exercise May Help Prevent Neurodegeneration

Summary: Exercise can help boost brain health in multiple ways. It may help by improving metabolic health and thus indirectly slowing down neurodegeneration. However, a…