December 2, 2020

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The steps of ho’oponopono meditation ritual.

  1. Get comfortable and relaxed, in a sitting position, upright. Take 5 minutes or more to get deeply relaxed.

There are two breathing techniques recommended for initiating meditative relaxation:

The Ha Technique from Hawaii

Take a full breath in through the nose, and out through the mouth with the sound, “Ha,” repeating five times. The goal is to relax the abdominal muscles during inhalation and completely empty the lungs during exhalation.

The exhalation technique from East Asia

A technique initiated in Sikhism East Asia utilizes the terminology “Sat Naam,”  breathing as deeply as possible through the nose, relaxing the abdominal muscles and then exhaling slowly through the mouth while saying the single word Sat Naam.  The goal is to initiate exhalation with the word Sat, then exhale as long as possible  till the lungs are completely empty while saying Naam.  This is repeated a total of five times.  This technique seems to empty the lungs more effectively.

Once the initiation breaths are complete, a process of meditative flow or disconnection or quantum spreading begins (many individuals will continue the ritualistic breathing throughout the meditation ritual, but omitting the actual verbalization).  The western mind has tremendous difficulty creating a meditative internal silence, I have found the following beneficial

  • Pick a spot on the wall to look at, above eye level, so that your field of vision seems to bump up against your eyebrows, but the eyes are not so high so as to cut off the field of vision.
  • As you stare at this spot, just let your mind go loose, and focus all of your attention on the spot.
  • Notice that within a matter of moments, your vision begins to spread out, and you see more in the peripheral than you do in the central part of your vision.
  • Now, pay attention to the peripheral. In fact, pay more attention to the peripheral than to the central part of your vision.

This should take approximately five minutes, but remember, perception of time expands and contracts based upon our individual consciousness and the clutter of the mind.

2. Know that there is an infinite source of love and healing energy in the Universe, and it can be channeled down into you through the top of your head crown chakra. When you do this it reminds you of that state of complete love as you feel your heart open and accept it. Love is always there for us, if we let ourselves accept and feel it. Do this. Fill your head, your body, and your heart with the pink or peachy-gold energy of love and feel it heal you. (If you can’t feel it, perhaps you need to do something about your black bags that are clogging the works!) Sense the energy filling and overflowing out from your heart into your entire body. Let yourself drift and revel in it . . .

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3. Now imagine a place in front of and below you that you will bring the persons to. (You may feel it, hear it, see it, know it, or sense it in another way – I will be asking you to see something; you just translate that into whatever sense works for you.)

4. Bring in the person you want to make things right with, starting with those you need to forgive, then those that need to forgive you.  Imagine that there is a quantum linkage or umbilical cord, which connects you to them individually.  This linkage represents the sum of all of your interactions with them, for some individuals this umbilical cord will be very strong and for others very flimsy.  This linkage is your quantum connection to the emotional memory of this person.

5. Ask the person if they will accept healing and forgiveness from you. (If they do not want healing, just skip the next part where you fill them up with healing.)

6. Fill your head with the healing pink or peachy-gold energy of love from the Universe and let it flow into your heart and overflow radiating out from your heart and into the person in front of you. Fill them up until they are overflowing with healing love energy.

7. When the person is filled with the healing energy, have a discussion with them, forgiving them for anything they’ve done intentionally or unintentionally that hurt you. Tell them you recognize that they are a magnificent being, and you support them connecting to their Higher Self.

8. Ask them if they’ll forgive you for anything you’ve done intentionally or unintentionally that hurt them. Ask them if they recognize that you are a magnificent being, and if they support your connection to your Higher Self.

9. Cut the cord or cords that bound you so you can let go. See your energy returning to you. See their energy returning to them.

10. See them float away to return, whole and healthy, to their lives. Make sure the people disappear.

11. Repeat numbers 3 – 9 with every person on your lists.

12. When done, check to make sure you have no negative feelings left when you think about any of these people.

13. Repeat your five breaths and close this stage.

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– If you still have negative feelings about someone, do ho’oponopono again after making reparations.