Light therapy provides hope to multiple sclerosis patients

Sclerosis Affects Brian Disorder

Summary: Multiple sclerosis is a complex autoimmune disorder of the brain, causing a significant decline in the mental abilities of those affected. However, fatigue is one of the most common signs in the early stages of the disease. Regretfully, managing fatigue is also quite challenging. However, a new study by the Medical University of Vienna […]

Long Covid Cases Are Rising, And Doctors Are Still Struggling To Answer Questions

Covid-19, Symptoms, Treatment

Covid has already affected more than 600 million people. Fortunately, more than 99% have made a recovery from acute illness. Unfortunately, however, a considerable number of people failed to make a complete recovery. An estimated 10-20% who had Covid infection continue to experience fatigue, lack of mental focus, body aches, and other symptoms. It is […]

Fibromyalgia: Misunderstood and Poorly Treated Condition

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Treatment

Summary: Fibromyalgia is quite a common condition, yet many of those living with fibromyalgia remain undiagnosed and untreated. Fibromyalgia remains a diagnosis of exclusion, which means that a person is diagnosed based on symptoms, and by excluding other well-known physical ailments, as most lab tests in fibromyalgia are close to normal. Nonetheless, some early studies […]