Some Stress May Actually Protect your Body

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Summary: It is well known that stress increases the risk of various ailments and may also result in flares of inflammatory conditions like inflammatory bowel disease. However, a new study suggests that some inflammation may promote healing and prevent flares. A study in mice exposed to 56 days of stress found that it resulted in […]

Rethinking Inflammation Origins

Rethinking Inflammation Origins - Padda Institute

Summary: Inflammation is the body’s defensive response that helps fight infection and promote tissue regeneration. However, in many instances, the inflammatory response is improper, causing more harm. Hyperinflammation and autoimmune disorders are all examples of abnormal immune responses. Similarly, hidden inflammation also causes much damage and is the main cause of chronic health disorders. In […]

Genetic Connection Between Gut Issues And Alzheimer’s Disease Discovered

Genetic Connection Between Gut Issues And Alzheimer’s Disease Discovered

Summary: This study found a connection between Alzheimer’s disease and certain gastrointestinal issues such as acid reflux, stomach ulcers, and irritable bowel syndrome. It suggests that certain specific genes and biological processes may play a role in both Alzheimer’s disease and these GI problems. The study also highlighted that further research is needed to explore […]


Aggressively Treating Inflammation May Lead to Chronic Pain

Summary: Inflammation is a defensive reaction that promotes healing. However, inflammation also causes acute pain. Thus, it is a common practice to use anti-inflammatory drugs to suppress pain and for chronic pain treatment. However, studies show that suppressing inflammation reduces the activity of neutrophils and thus increases the risk of chronic pain. Hence, experts recommend […]

The Team At Scripps Research Find A New Way To Control Harmful Inflammation

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Inflammation is a defensive reaction, but an excessive inflammatory response does more damage than good. It appears that neutrophils, the most abundant white blood cells, are significantly responsible for harmful inflammation. However, suppressing their activity is not an option as it would also result in lower immunity. However, researchers at Scripps Research have now identified […]