Long Covid Cases Are Rising, And Doctors Are Still Struggling To Answer Questions

Covid-19, Symptoms, Treatment

Covid has already affected more than 600 million people. Fortunately, more than 99% have made a recovery from acute illness. Unfortunately, however, a considerable number of people failed to make a complete recovery. An estimated 10-20% who had Covid infection continue to experience fatigue, lack of mental focus, body aches, and other symptoms. It is […]

A New Study Reveals How Ketamine Works in Depression

Benefits of Ketamine in Depression & Anxiety Treatment

Summary: Depression is among the most common mental health disorders. There are tens of antidepressants used to manage the condition. However, antidepressants fail to help in one-third of cases, thus called treatment-resistant depression (TRD). Ketamine may help in TRD. Moreover, it acts quickly. A new study shows that ketamine helps people with depression quickly update […]