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Padda Institute has the best pain management doctors in the greater St. Louis area, and we work as a team to help you treat your pain.

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At Padda Institute, our pain management specialists & pain specialist doctors provide you the guidance and treatments tailored to your needs. We are best at what we do; we diagnose and evaluate to determine your best treatment plan, so that you can experience chronic pain relief like never before.

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Center for Interventional
Pain Management

The Center for Interventional Pain Management is a nationally recognized center of excellence for treating and managing complex chronic pain. The Center provides comprehensive multidisciplinary inpatient and outpatient treatment options tailored to individual patient needs. We feel that the whole person must be treated, not just the pain & we work as a team to help you reduce or eliminate your pain.

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    Meet Dr. Padda

    Dr. Gurpreet Padda MD

    I gave 5 stars because Dr. Padda I feel save my life. Dr. Padda testes for all things when you 1st starts and he was the one that find out I was allergic to wheat and I take it back to stomach Doctor’s that had no ideal what was wrong with me. Dr Padda might fuss at me but its because he cares about my weight he don’t get paid anymore or any less for that. Dr Padda does that because he cares and want better for all his patients. He have a kind HEART I just hate the way his patients treat him and his staff when they all trying to help us.

    Sommer Reece

    Dr. Padda has helped me in ways that other doctors have not. He is very thorough with diagnostics, testing, treatment plans, and prognoses. His injection treatments are usually effective and efficiently eliminate pain in most areas. I would recommend Dr. Padda to anyone suffering significant pain symptoms. He’ll listen and prescribe an individualized treatment plan corresponding to your specific needs.

    Chris Legrand

    I have been a patient of Dr.Padda for 4 yrs now and I have always enjoyed my interactions with him as a patient. He has educated me on ways to help alleviate pain without the use of more medicine. I have a very comfortable and friendly relationship with Dr.Padda which is a huge plus with me because it’s not everyday a doctor takes the time to make sure you’re fully aware of all the options available to you.

    Ben Ford

    I’m a chronic care patient seeing Dr. Padda for pain management through the recommendation of my primary care physician. Since my visits and treatments with and by Dr. Padda, I can almost function with the normality of my life. I’m truly grateful for the care Dr. Padda is giving me. I personally recommend anyone with chronic pain to schedule an appointment with Dr. Padda and I feel very confident in saying you will not be disappointed.

    Reggie Bullock

    Padda institute has helped me control my pain & also helped me how to lose weight. I started at 303 pounds , now I’m at 276 pounds. Wow, they truly helped me. The therapy and chiropractor makes me feel like a new person. They explain every step of the way! Thank YOU Padda Institute for helping me through the pain & weight loss.

    Lee Milliner


    Possibly not. People who have experienced chronic pain can live normal lives with the right care.

    This situation arises when you have a drug tolerance. This physiological reaction takes place when a substance’s initial dose slowly loses its effectiveness. It is usually  resolved by adjusting the dosage or the drug. One does not necessarily get addicted to a drug by developing tolerance to it.

    Do not delay taking pain medicine until it becomes severe. Mild pain can be easily managed. Regularly taking your medications as directed is important. This also means taking your medications on time, even if you do not experience any pain.

    Usually pain that lasts for more than 3 months is called chronic pain. Managing and treating chronic pain is a consistent process. You must be regular with the drug prescriptions and self-management routine to see positive results. Although it cannot be treated completely, one can make certain lifestyle changes to minimize it.

    The first step in reducing or eliminating pain is to locate a pain management physician who can understand your discomfort well.  While doing your research, keep an open mind about the reality of pain management treatments. Your pain management doctor’s expertise will assist in sketching out the best course of treatment suited to your needs.

    Opioids and other painkillers have been shown to have adverse effects, but these effects can be carefully treated.

    Usually chronic pain is treated with pain medications. However, these medications can be coupled with physical therapies to get better results. Also, medical interventions such as intramuscular (IM) or oral injections can be helpful for immediate relief. Behavioral therapies promote overall emotional and social health of the person.