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I gave 5 stars because Dr. Padda I feel save my life. Dr. Padda testes for all things when you 1st starts and he was the one that find out I was allergic to wheat and I take it back to stomach Doctor’s that had no ideal what was wrong with me. Dr Padda might fuss at me but its because he cares about my weight he don’t get paid anymore or any less for that. Dr Padda does that because he cares and want better for all his patients. He have a kind HEART I just hate the way his patients treat him and his staff when they all trying to help us.
Sommer Reece
Dr. Padda has helped me in ways that other doctors have not. He is very thorough with diagnostics, testing, treatment plans, and prognoses. His injection treatments are usually effective and efficiently eliminate pain in most areas. I would recommend Dr. Padda to anyone suffering significant pain symptoms. He’ll listen and prescribe an individualized treatment plan corresponding to your specific needs.
Chris Legrand
I have been a patient of Dr.Padda for 4 yrs now and I have always enjoyed my interactions with him as a patient. He has educated me on ways to help alleviate pain without the use of more medicine. I have a very comfortable and friendly relationship with Dr.Padda which is a huge plus with me because it’s not everyday a doctor takes the time to make sure you’re fully aware of all the options available to you.
Ben Ford
I’m a chronic care patient seeing Dr. Padda for pain management through the recommendation of my primary care physician. Since my visits and treatments with and by Dr. Padda, I can almost function with the normality of my life. I’m truly grateful for the care Dr. Padda is giving me. I personally recommend anyone with chronic pain to schedule an appointment with Dr. Padda and I feel very confident in saying you will not be disappointed.
Reggie Bullock
Padda institute has helped me control my pain & also helped me how to lose weight. I started at 303 pounds , now I’m at 276 pounds. Wow, they truly helped me. The therapy and chiropractor makes me feel like a new person. They explain every step of the way! Thank YOU Padda Institute for helping me through the pain & weight loss.
Lee Milliner
I was born with club feet and developed scoliosis, I’ve been completely disabled for the last ten years. But thanks to Dr Padda I am finally able to work, it does make me quite happy to work and not be in the pain that I have lived with most of my life.
Chris Spencer
I have been going to Dr Padda for 2 years and the overall treatment is fabulous. I can walk now. I went to apply for my medical marijuana card and Dr Padda made it so easy. I was so impressed with the ease of getting this application finished. I was in and out in 35 minutes. I would like to thank Dr. Padda very much.
Andy Oconnor
I have been a patient of Dr Padda for many years. He has helped me when others did nothing. I am currently in treatment for falling on Schmucks parking lot in a pool of oil. Broke my back in 5 places. very slow to recover. Fell right under a security camera for the bank. Two eye witness. Prior to that a dump truck ran me over in Texas. My attorney sold me out I got nothing 30 thousand dollars my gosh people get more for a coffee spill. Found out later he worked for the insurance company. Found UT on linked in. Be sure you checkout your attorney.
Geno Wolf
Kind and friendly staff who make it their business to handle your medicine needs. The pharmacy has an automated reminder to call and leave you a voicemail to notify you your prescription or refill is ready. Conveniently located downtown at the back of the Schnucks Culinaria (past meat and bread, next to milk and the magazine section).
Dane Giazzone
Excellent experience with renting their ballroom space! Perfect for our awards banquet and dance. Small group so we were able to contain it all in the one room and have the kitchen too! Economical and efficient. Building overseers were helpful and supplied ladder when needed for decorating. (Hint* invest in magnetic hooks to attach to the strips on the ceiling then hang decorative objects) Ashley was phenomenal! So easy to negotiate with during contract signing and payment. Kept me up to date with any changes or improvements to building and/or ballroom since the last time I’d seen it. Overall, I would highly recommend this space to ANYONE for ANY type gathering. It’s a wonderful space that can be transformed into anything you’d want it to be. The people are fabulous. The price is competitive and fair. AND…your dollars are going to a great organization so you get a double bang for your buck that will move forward to do more good work.
Eva K