Microorganisms Living in The Gut Might be Responsible for Food Craving

Microorganisms Might be Responsible for Food Craving

Summary: Researchers have long known that food can influence mood. Certain chemicals released from food can influence gut-brain communication. However, gut microbiota can also influence this communication by altering the production of these chemicals. In the study, researchers used mice with no gut microbiota. They found that introducing a different kind of gut microbiota also […]

It’s Time To Develop A Better Understanding Of Nutrition

Understanding of Nutrient Rich Foods

Summary: In the US, more people now die due to chronic metabolic disorders, many of which are highly preventable through dietary measures. Obesity is among the most significant health threats. However, nutritional recommendations in the US are insufficient and do not answer many critical questions. There is a need to develop a national consensus regarding […]