Long Covid Cases Are Rising, And Doctors Are Still Struggling To Answer Questions

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Covid has already affected more than 600 million people. Fortunately, more than 99% have made a recovery from acute illness. Unfortunately, however, a considerable number of people failed to make a complete recovery. An estimated 10-20% who had Covid infection continue to experience fatigue, lack of mental focus, body aches, and other symptoms. It is […]

Long Covid Causing Disability in Millions of Americans

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Summary: Covid-19 has affected almost 100 million people, causing above million deaths. It also means that more than 98% of people have completely recovered, or as it may look. However, studies suggest that even after recovery, many continue to live with a long covid causing fatigue, chronic pain, brain fog, and many other issues. In […]


Chronic Pain Management By Padda Institute

Summary: Millions of adults in the US are living with poorly understood conditions like long Covid and chronic pain. These health issues do not fit into a classical biomedical disease model. It means that doctors struggle to identify their cause and provide optimal care. Therefore, researchers propose changes in how these issues are managed, like […]