Pain Societies Updated Their Guidelines For Managing Cervical Spine Joint Pain

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Summary: All pain societies in the US have recently updated their guidelines for managing cervical spine joint pain. They have made similar recommendations to end the confusion and standardize treatment for the condition. The new guidelines recommend that all patients with cervical spine joint pain undergo radiological examination. Unlike older recommendations saying that RF ablation may be considered if […]

How People With Chronic Pain Might Benefit From Pets

How People With Chronic Pain Might Benefit From Pets

Summary: Chronic pain is widespread, and medications may sometimes fail to provide sufficient relief. Moreover, people living with chronic pain also live with other mental health issues and comorbidities. Studies show that pets can help in chronic pain management in multiple ways. For example, pets can help divert attention, make you more active, help reduce cortisol and […]

Sometimes Low Back Pain Could Be Due to Sacroiliac Joint

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Summary: Low back pain is pretty common. Most people suffer from lower back pain due to sciatica, bulging disk or spine- disk degeneration. However, in some cases, low back pain may be due to sacroiliac joint issues. However, diagnosing sacroiliac joint pain is challenging, as its signs and symptoms resemble low back pain for other reasons. Nonetheless, pain […]