Cluster Headache: Triggers, Treatments, and Impacts

Cluster Headache: Triggers, Treatments, and Impacts

Cluster headaches are a debilitating and often misunderstood form of headache disorder. This condition can bring about considerable impairment in one’s life, including days missed from work and disability. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of cluster headaches, including common triggers, circadian rhythm influences, and how they differ from migraines. We will […]

Some of the Most Commonly Used Medications are Often Linked to Headaches

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Summary: It has long been known that some drugs may cause headaches resembling migraines or cluster headaches. Even abusing painkillers like NSAIDs and opioids may cause headaches. However, a new study that analyzed the US FDA adverse event reporting system data found that immunosuppressants and immunomodulators also commonly cause headaches. People are least likely to associate […]

7 Tips To Manage Chronic Headaches

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The word ‘Headache’ is widely misunderstood due to its overuse today. Persistent headaches are a part of life for many with changing lifestyles and complex routines. Researchers and chronic headache specialists caution against the prevailing headache disorders worldwide. The more significant chunk of the population complains about migraines and other associated issues, especially in the […]