Evaluating Emerging Therapies for Chronic Back Pain A Need for Robust Research

Chronic Low Back Pain Treatment Center

Summary: Chronic low back pain is quite common and affects most people sometimes in their life. However, it still remains challenging to treat. Thus, managing chronic low back pain requires a multidimensional approach. Additionally, doctors are also testing many other non-pharmacological approaches to managing the condition, like cognitive functional therapy (CFT). However, researchers warn that, at present, […]

Lipofilling Provides Long-lasting Relief In Finger Osteoarthritis

Summary: Osteoarthritis of finger joints is a highly debilitating condition. Pharmacological drugs can provide pain relief in the condition, but they are unsuitable for preventing disease progression. Thus, patients have to take medications daily. Now a new study shows that injecting fat tissues into the finger joints may provide prolonged relief. Furthermore, these fat tissues […]


Low Back Pain Treatment In St Louis - Padda Institute

Summary: Doctors frequently use antidepressants to manage low back pain, especially if non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs fail to help. However, experts think that evidence in favor of antidepressant use for low back pain in men and women is weak, and most studies showing benefits were industry sponsored. The new systemic review combining data from 33 clinical studies found no […]