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A Study Finds A Strong Link Between Gut Bacteria And Specific Metabolites In The Blood

A Study Finds A Strong Link Between Gut Bacteria And Specific Metabolites In The Blood

Summary: Gut microbiota plays a crucial role in human health, especially in the treatment of complex regional pain syndrome and pancreatic pain. Any alterations in gut microbiota can increase the risk of various health disorders, including these two conditions. However, to date, there is limited understanding of gut microbiota, and there are no reliable tests to measure changes […]

Long Covid Cases Are Rising, And Doctors Are Still Struggling To Answer Questions

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Covid has already affected more than 600 million people. Fortunately, more than 99% have made a recovery from acute illness. Unfortunately, however, a considerable number of people failed to make a complete recovery. An estimated 10-20% who had Covid infection continue to experience fatigue, lack of mental focus, body aches, and other symptoms. It is […]


Lipofilling Provides Long-Lasting Relief in Finger Osteoarthritis

Summary: Osteoarthritis of finger joints is a highly debilitating condition. Pharmacological drugs can provide pain relief in the condition, but they are unsuitable for preventing disease progression. Thus, patients have to take medications daily. Now a new study shows that injecting fat tissues into the finger joints may provide prolonged relief. Furthermore, these fat tissues […]

Pain Societies Updated Their Guidelines For Managing Cervical Spine Joint Pain

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Summary: All pain societies in the US have recently updated their guidelines for managing cervical spine joint pain. They have made similar recommendations to end the confusion and standardize treatment for the condition. The new guidelines recommend that all patients with cervical spine joint pain undergo radiological examination. Unlike older recommendations saying that RF ablation may be considered if […]

The New Treatment Protocol Offers Hope For CRPS Patients, Reduces Allodynia

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Summary: Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is among the most difficult-to-treat conditions causing chronic pain and increased sensitivity to various stimuli. Even slight exposure to some irritants may cause severe pain. Thus, the condition is debilitating. In 2018, Johnathan H. Goree, MD, proposed the treatment protocol for the condition. In the new study, researchers validated […]


Injection For Cervical Facet Joint Pain Treatment

Summary: Intractable pain is among the most challenging pain syndromes to treat. Quite often, doctors need to prescribe opioids to manage such pain. However, opioids cause many side effects. It now appears that one of the drugs used to treat substance abuse, Naltrexone, is quite good for managing intractable pain and works at a low […]


Ketamine Infusion for Chronic Pain Treatment

Summary: Although ketamine has been around for some time, its roles have been changing. It started its journey as a potent anesthetic drug and then gained popularity as a party drug. Now, doctors are increasingly using it to manage chronic intractable pains. A kind of pain that would not respond well to other treatment methods. […]