Epstein Barr Virus Significantly Increases the Risk of Autoimmune Disorders

Epstein Barr Virus - Risk of Autoimmune Disorders

Summary: Autoimmune disorders are conditions when immunity starts acting against the body’s structures. What causes autoimmunity remains poorly understood. However, studies suggest that Epstein Barr Virus infection may play a significant role in autoimmunity. It appears that in those diagnosed with chronic autoimmune diseases, EBV is activated, which ultimately causes autoimmunity. Researchers have found that […]


Exposure to Green Light May Help Reduce Migraine Severity

Summary: Migraine headaches are pretty common and challenging to treat due to the heterogeneous nature of the condition. The causes and triggers of migraine headaches are different for different patients. Nonetheless, studies show that stress, weather changes, and hormonal issues are among the leading causes of migraine. Prolonged drug therapy is often required to prevent […]

Intranasal Ketamine May Help With Headaches When Other Treatments Fail

Intranasal Ketamine May Help With Headaches When Other Treatments Fail

Summary: Certain headaches, like cluster headaches, may be relatively difficult to treat, as doctors do not know what causes these headaches. Moreover, cluster headache specialists believe that such headaches are often experienced at night time, and the onset is sudden. Treatments like oxygen inhalation and sumatriptan injection help, but these procedures require visiting a doctor or emergency […]