Rethinking Inflammation Origins

Rethinking Inflammation Origins - Padda Institute

Summary: Inflammation is the body’s defensive response that helps fight infection and promote tissue regeneration. However, in many instances, the inflammatory response is improper, causing more harm. Hyperinflammation and autoimmune disorders are all examples of abnormal immune responses. Similarly, hidden inflammation also causes much damage and is the main cause of chronic health disorders. In […]

Epstein Barr Virus Significantly Increases the Risk of Autoimmune Disorders

Epstein Barr Virus - Risk of Autoimmune Disorders

Summary: Autoimmune disorders are conditions when immunity starts acting against the body’s structures. What causes autoimmunity remains poorly understood. However, studies suggest that Epstein Barr Virus infection may play a significant role in autoimmunity. It appears that in those diagnosed with chronic autoimmune diseases, EBV is activated, which ultimately causes autoimmunity. Researchers have found that […]