What to Expect When Stopping Ozempic?

Physical Therapy for Weight Loss Management - Padda Institute

More than 70% of US adults are obese or overweight. Obesity is associated with an increased risk of various health issues, from heart disease to cancer. What is worrisome is that a significant number of adults are severely obese. Moreover, these people do not respond well to lifestyle interventions like dietary measures and exercise. The […]


Eating Disorder in Youth Adults

Summary: Cheat eating is when people eat meals apart from their regular meals. The new study shows that cheat eating is relatively common in the western population, with most young adults reporting one or more cheat meals a week. Unfortunately, doctors often fail to consider cheat meals and thus understand the cause of obesity or […]


Dedicated Brain Area For Food Responses

Summary: When we see anything, it results in increased excitement in the visual cortex. However, studies show that people, places, and words result in the lightening up of different neuronal clusters in the cortex. Now a new study shows that the same is true for foods. A sub-region in their visual cortex lightens when people […]

Procyanidin-rich Foods like Chocolate or Apples may Benefit When Consumed Moderately

Procyanidin Rich Food Chocolate and Apple

Humans have evolved to live under mild stress. However, an abundance of food is causing ill effects like a higher risk of obesity, metabolic disorders, Alzheimer’s, and more. A new study found that B-type procyanidins present in some foods like cocoa and apple may induce a mild stress response called hermetic effect through the gut-brain […]

Researchers Find a Link Between Obesity and Stress-Related Changes in Appetite

Link Between Obesity and Stress-Related Changes in Appetite

Summary: Studies show that obese people, when exposed to stress, are more likely to choose foods high in calories, and they are also more likely to eat more when compared to lean people. The new study using fMRI found that when obese and lean people living with stress are exposed to food, they have very […]

It’s Time To Develop A Better Understanding Of Nutrition

Understanding of Nutrient Rich Foods

Summary: In the US, more people now die due to chronic metabolic disorders, many of which are highly preventable through dietary measures. Obesity is among the most significant health threats. However, nutritional recommendations in the US are insufficient and do not answer many critical questions. There is a need to develop a national consensus regarding […]

Timing Is Everything: How Circadian Clocks Control Fat Cell Growth

Irregular Meal Times Affect Physical and Mental Health

Summary: The new study furthers our understanding of how disruptions in circadian rhythm may contribute to the development of metabolic disorders. It appears that specific changes in the rhythm may be protective, while others may promote metabolic disorders. Hence, developing a greater understanding of the role of circadian rhythm in metabolic disorders could be one […]

How Mounjaro Stacks Up Against Similar Diabetes Drugs for Weight Loss

Diabetes Drugs for Weight Loss

Summary: Early studies show that many antidiabetic drugs are also suitable for weight loss. They work by reducing insulin resistance and influencing gastrointestinal incretins, thus slowing down intestinal motility, and decreasing appetite. One of the incretin mimetics, Ozempic, is already widely used for weight loss. However, now studies show that one of the new diabetes […]


Wrong Eating Patterns Causes Obesity, Diabetes, and Various Metabolic Disorders

Summary: Human eating habits or pattern has changed significantly in the last few decades. People are moving away from three meals a day to snacking whenever they like. Three meals a day was mainly a by-product of the industrial age. However, now people have easy access to food. They are even eating late in the […]